Meat Processing Services – Overview

Meat Processing Services Pty Ltd was established in 2006 by Harry Schulz – a self-confessed 'slaughtologist' with over 30 years experience in the meat processing industry, having risen from the hands-on experience of undertaking every task on the meat processing floor, through to Production Manager and General Manager for meat processing facilities in Australia. He also has extensive experience in the design, development, sales and commissioning of equipment for the automation of meat processing, including Safe Seal Systems, Bunging Machines and the Pelt-O-Matic small stock skin and pelt removal system.

Meat Processing Services provide consulting services to the meat industry in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

As well as being available for site visits, hands-on training and consultancy, Meat Processing Services is working in collaboration with MPSC Australia Pty Ltd.

MPSC's proprietary Rinse & Chill (TM) technology has established itself as an effective slaughtering methodology to promote better pH decline and accelerated refrigeration. The Rinse & Chill (TM) benefits include minimizing dark cutting meat, improving tenderness and palatability, and maximizing red meat yield.

With this collaboration Meat Processing Services is able to provide a comprehensive service to; evaluate, design, fabricate, install, commission, and train staff in the use of meat processing plant improvements - including machinery automation and robotics.


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